How to Find The Hashtags You Follow on Instagram

Sincelate 2017, Instagram lets users follow individual hashtags just like profiles. This is a great way to stay up to date on topics or trends you care about, and make it easier to engage with that content by avoiding the need to search for it. But after following countless hashtags (like profiles), it becomes easy to lose track of them all. Here is how to find the hashtags you follow.

How to Find the Instagram Hashtags you follow

  1. Go to your profile by clicking your photo in the bottom right
  2. Click on “Following”
  3. You’ll see hashtags as the first item on the list.
  4. Click to view all the hashtags you follow.

1 thought on “How to Find The Hashtags You Follow on Instagram”

  1. I cannot check my hashtags anymore… when I click on hashtags it says (null) isn’t currently following hashtags. A red banner shows up saying something went wrong… I report it and nothing has changed in over a month. Any ideas?

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