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This is my Roland TD-12 electronic drum kit. I have Reason on my MacBook Pro, and use the drum set as a MIDI controller for it. I’ve been playing the drums since I was 18, and have never had a  lesson. While in college, I was in a band (which will remain unnamed) and had regular gigs in a local bar. The height of our career came in the form of free beer, food, and about $50 each, for each gig we played. As a college student, what more could one ask for?

Today, I find it as a great stress reliever and meditative process. Electronic drums are much more versatile than an acoustic set, as the sounds can be custom designed and changed on the fly. I sometimes describe it as having a thousand different sets in one. Once I get better at creating bass lines and melodies, or join another band, I’d like to set up a SoundCloud account to share with all.

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