5 Viral Ideas That Demand Dedicated Servers

This post is from special guest Anthony Pensabene. Anthony is a cool guy, and this site hasn’t been updated in months!

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Content Strategy in the Age of Semantic Search

What does an effective content strategy look like, when specifically geared to take advantage of semantic search? The following is a presentation I gave for the fine folks at the DC, VA & MD Search Engine Marketing Group on January 16, 2014. Since slides only tell half the story, I’ll try to replicate as much of the talk as I can in this post. Also a big thanks to Haiku Deck for having such an awesome product.

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How I Grew Sales 400% With Just Instagram & SEO

This campaign was interesting and fun as it was the first time I tried Instagram as a lead gen channel, rather than taking pictures of cars or our cat. Combined with SEO strategies, this case study resulted in an overall 400% increase in sales.

A new business asked me to help to drive traffic to their site through inbound channels (without paid assistance). Starting from scratch with no other sources of traffic besides the occasional Facebook referral, it was the perfect oppotunity to try something new. The product is a locally relevant, custom made item which is both targeted to Richmond, VA and highly visual. Without giving it away, if you’ve ever been to Richmond you’ve definitely seen these on the backs of cars, fixie bikes, storefronts, etc. This business takes it one step further with highly customized versions- similar enough to be recognizable but different enough for personalization and individuality.

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Creating Findable Content: SEO for Non-SEOs

I had the pleasure of presenting the following to a great group of content strategists, designers, developers, and business owners at RVA Content Strategy on October 1, 2013. The theme of it was in honor of the conclusion of one of my favorite shows, Breaking Bad.

Check it out, and have an A-1 day!

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Forget Industry Data – Here’s How To Find Your Own SERP CTR Curve

It all started with AOL’s leaked click through rates in 2006 that revealed to us the percentage of clicks each ranking position received – a mystery previously unsolved. This was the first stepping stone in the attempt to not only estimate current traffic, but estimate potential traffic. In the years since, there have been numerous CTR studies which all report similar – but different – results. With all this variation in research methods and results how are we to choose the proper formula for our own sites? Furthermore, how can you be sure any of the suggested click curves apply to your market sector, search vertical, or brand? Below is a methodology I’ve used to determine a site’s SERP CTR, using data generated from the site itself rather than industry studies.

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