Resources From An #RVAContentStrategy Panelist

On September 25th, I was invited to be a panelist at a Richmond Content Strategy meetup, due in large part to my post on how to do a quantitative content audit. This post is meant as a thank-you for those in attendance, as well as for those interested in Content Strategy in general. The following are some of my most commonly used tools and resources for Content Strategy and Content Marketing, as well as some recent relevant blog posts. This list will likely change over time, so be sure to check back in the future.

Tools For Content Development:

Q and A Sources For Content Development:

Measuring Content Effectiveness:

Technical Tools for Content Strategy and SEO:

Demographic and Audience Research:

Data and Data Visualization Tools:

Keyword Research: 

Content Strategy Blogs:

Content Strategy Blog Posts of Worthy Mention:

Books and eBooks:


Thanks to everyone who attended, I had a great time.

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