How to Make Spaces in Instagram Captions & Bios

As a daily Instagram browser, all too often I see terribly formatted captions and bios- most making the mistake of trying to put spaces between the photo caption and the hashtag section but failing miserably. Here is a simple trick for making real spaces in your posts and bios, without periods or other characters.

How to NOT do it

Chances are if you’re reading this, you already know what these look like and are seeking a better way. People do this all the time, but even major companies and enterprise accounts do this too. Here is an example from the official GMC Trucks account:

GMC / GM all rights reserved

Image property of GM / GMC


How To Do It Right

Here’s an image from my own profile with clean, empty spaces between line breaks:


Hey! I’m @OptimizePrime on IG


Bonus: Followers See a Clean Version in Their Feed


The spaces and hashtags are hidden under the “more” tag automatically, but are still read by Instagram search. You’ll still get all the likes, followers and benefits from using those hashtags, but this method allows them to be hidden from view.


How It Works

In a nutshell, the spaces created with the space bar are empty pixels. However there are also “spaces as characters” which do take up space. Both spaces are invisible to you, but Instagram sees them differently.

Step 1: 

Select and copy the following (the invisible spaces you need are between the brackets)

[  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀]

Step 2: 

On Instagram, write a photo caption you want to use, use the space bar once, then paste block of spaces from above and remove the brackets. Paste multiple times if you need more lines. Be sure to use the space bar once between the caption and the pasted spaces. Otherwise it doesn’t work.

Step 3:

After you’ve pasted in the block of spaces and removed the brackets, press the space again after your pasted block of spaces, and list out your hashtags. Remember- you can only use 30 hashtags, so don’t go overboard.

Protip: Edit Captions in the Notes App, Then Paste

Edit your captions outside of Instagram, such as in Notes or in a draft text message. Most of the time Instagram won’t save the entire caption when you upload the image, so do your caption editing elsewere. Post the photo first with no caption, then hit the three dots on the photo and click Edit, then paste in your new caption. If you frequently post similar content, you can save hashtag blocks in Notes app and save them for later.

Making Spaces in Your Bio

Do exactly the same thing as above, just paste in the space characters where you want them in your profile bio and test it out by saving and editing until you have it exactly the way you want it.







  1. I started using grum (to save on time) and schedule Instagram posts.

    Whenever you space your captions, it somehow ignores it and squashes everything into one large caption.

    Still working around it. I will most definitely try out the tip you have shared here.

  2. Thank you SO much for this! Been looking everywhere for a way to add instagram space and it finally works! Seriously still don’t understand why Instagram doesn’t add space already smh😩

    • Harris Schachter says:

      Ha! You’re welcome Sarah 🙂

      • Alina Jeknavorian says:

        I’m trying to post a song, with spaced paragraphs. I tried doing your thing and it’s just making it into one big paragraph.
        I tried copying it to notes and then posting it to Instagram but it’s not working
        Please help

  3. So helpful. Thank you for taking the time to share this tip!

  4. Thank you that works pretty well🙏🏽

  5. Slate Simmonds says:

    It no longer works! Is there a new workaround you have figured out?

  6. Alina Jeknavorian says:

    Also, I’ve tried doing #2 as you’ve mentioned one space. I’ve done that in between paragraphs but to not avail 🙁

  7. So this adds line breaks for me but on the line with the hashtags they start in the middle of the line. I tried to use more/less of the bracket spaces but it will not have my hashtags start at the beginning of the line. Any tips?

  8. Great tip here, thanks y’all!

  9. Margarita says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing this…exactly what I was after! Much appreciated!

  10. This has been sooo helpful! Just updated my IG with the spaces.

    You’re amazing at what you do! Keep it up!

  11. THANK YOU!! Question tho, I always put my hashtags in the first comment, and it works in terms of seeing our post under that tag. Is there any reason for not doing it that way?


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